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Clive Jackson

365 Radio // Clive Jackson

Thursday Surgery with Dr Clive Jackson

Clive was born in Knotty Ash, Liverpool. He came to prominence during the mid 1980’s as the lead singer for the British Neo-Psychedelic band Doctor and The Medics with his unusual visual and look.

A former London-based DJ, he formed the group in 1981, and unlike a big majority of British bands during that period, they didn’t turn to New Romantic or Post Punk, instead, their music was inspired by the 1960’s Psychedelic Rock and the 1970’s Glam Rock, although still containing elements of contemporary New Wave.

The band adopted a look inspired by both 1960’s psychedelia and kabuki make-up similar to that of KISS. In 1985, they signed to IRS Records and released “Happy but Twisted”, a five track 12″ EP that included a cover of Hawkwind’s 1971 song “Silver Machine”.

It wasn’t up until 1986 that the band had an international hit with a cover of the 1969 Norman Greenbaum’s song “Spirit in the Sky”. The single reached number one in the UK, however, despite the success they enjoyed during that period, their subsequent singles were less successful and they fell back quickly into obscurity, labeled to this day as “one hit wonders”.

With several line up changing throughout the years, Clive still plays with Doctor and The Medics and continues to release occasionally new music. He turns 60 today.

We’re delighted to have Clive on board, you can expect chat, lots of chat, interviews, stories and of course music.