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Terry Hughes

365 Radio // Terry Hughes

The Retro Chart Show with Terry Hughes

Terry started in broadcasting in 1979 at a talking newspaper for the visually impaired, then he spent a few years at Dudley and District Hospital Broadcasting. He did a few shows on Beacon 303 and BRMB,  and some gigs with KKJ, and at the age of 18 was being considered for a full time role in ILR but his dad said “Son, go and get a proper job”.

So in 1983 Terry moved to Coventry and became an apprentice at GEC. To make extra money he became a nightclub DJ, and for fun he was involved with 2 pirate stations in Coventry: Segway Sound and City FM.

Terry had always been obsessed with pirate radio, and in those early Coventry days he listened to Radio Caroline and Laser 558 from afar, dreaming of a day when he could fulfil his dream of presenting on Radio full time.

And that was that. Until COVID came along. Like everyone else Terry was locked down and had more time on his hands. Encouraged by his better half Claire, he started putting shows together, he published them on Mixcloud to great reviews, he got picked up by a UK based internet radio station and did 6 months of “Terry’s Real Gold” live radio every weekend.

He also became the presenter of the  Retro Charts weekly countdown which you can find every Monday on 365 Radio from 2pm – 3pm.

Remember, the Retro Chart Show is not an oldies chart, it’s modern music from classic artists and is the ONLY sales based chart on the airwaves.