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Joey Coyne

365 Radio // Joey Coyne

It's a vibe thing with Joey Coyne

Joey Coyne has worked in the radio and broadcasting industry for 3 decades … Wow ! How Time Flies.  

He has made various shows for BBC Local Radio and previously presented headline shows on major soul stations like Solar radio and Starpoint Radio.  

Joey has held resident DJ slots in Birmingham for 3 years, Nottingham 4 years, Bristol 7 years, Swindon  , and promoted all the best clubs and nightspots in Gloucestershire.

He also worked in Sweden for 6 months in the heart of Goteborg,  which he really loved and said it was a ‘great city with great people!’
He also held a 5 month main DJ residency in the heart of Paris.. Ohh la la Indeed

His fondest and ineed proudest memory was to be the man playing the music  for Stevie Wonder at an end of tour party in Birmingham.

We are delighted that Joey will be producing It’s a vibe thing for us at 365 Radio between 3pm and 5pm every TuesdayWednesday & Thursday afternoons..