The OFFICIAL 365 Radio Top 40 Legacy Chart

It’s the most innovative & exciting NEW development in Chart Music Radio. It’s The OFFICIAL Legacy Chart.

A Legacy Artist is One With Over 20 Years Experience In The Music Business & here at 365 Radio we realised that there is an ever increasing number of established chart stars that are still producing vibrant, exciting new music that mainstream National Radio is ignoring.
Being denied these avenues of airplay, artists have found it impossible to make any headway in the National Charts.

The 365 Official Legacy Chart is a revolutionary idea.
It takes the chart back to the people and is a vehicle for those artists who have performed for over 20 years and who can now reach and connect with their audience and find a new one.

Eligibility for the Legacy Chart is simple, fair & transparent.

New releases from qualifying artists are debuted on the Legacy Chartbreakers Show and the most successful ones via National Airplay over the following 7 days are placed in the Legacy Chart Voting Pool of 100 tracks and the public can then vote for their favourite choices every week via the 365 Radio website.
You can vote for as many songs as you wish but you can only vote once every week.

Any new release is given a 4 week window of opportunity in the voting pool to crack the Top 40. If it doesn’t chart in that period it is removed from the Voting Pool.

Every Sunday the 365 Computer will produce the list of the 100 most voted for tracks and the Top 40 will be featured exclusively in our Official Legacy Chart Show every Sunday afternoon on 365 Radio from 5pm

Having made the Top 40 any track that falls out of the 40 due to insufficient votes loses it’s place on the chart and does not move back into the 41-100 Voting Pool section.

Now, don’t hang around get voting for your favourites straight away

Presented By Dawn Parry

The OFFICIAL 365 Radio Top 30 Album Chart

Compiled from a combination of National Sales & Airplay on 365 shows over the last 7 days

Its 365 Radio’s very own Ben Felton with the NEW 365 Album Chart Show
He plays you the tracks you simply wouldn’t hear on other stations, so for a real insight into the Best Albums around tune in every week or on Demand at 365 Sounds

What Will be This Week’s Number One Album? .

The 365 Album Chart is the only Chart that represents the most successful & popular collections being played on the Radio.

Presented By Ben Felton