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It’ll never catch on? There are 1000’s of internet radio stations now of varying quality and content. It’s never been easier to broadcast.

But that doesn’t mean it’ll be any good right? I mean how often have you picked up your camera phone and thought I’m going to sell this stuff?!

Don’t despair, if you’re a budding presenter, an established name or you’ve been in the radio industry and want to dust off your XLR microphone all you’ll need is a Computer of some sort, a microphone and a bit of software and you’re away!

Broadcasting has never been as accessible

At 365 Radio we are keen to improve on our quality broadcasting on an almost daily basis, and often an hourly one as the early week’s listeners will attest to no doubt! 

So if you’re looking to start out in Broadcasting, want somewhere to pitch your DJ talents and want to broadcast to a broad range of listeners (demographics are available) then drop us a line at